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Like a good little Leafy, I've been busy doing my levelling rep grinds, and have the most sinister penguin in the world and a fishing rod to show for it. Hurrah.

But that's got me thinking – I'm on the path to 80, and want to be gearing up for Naxx. Which reputation grinds should I be concentrating on now that the walrus men love me enough that I don't have to steal puppies for them any more. Which of the tabard-based factions and which of the daily-based factions should I be working on first?

Help a tree out here! Some advice, please, my loyal reader…

Just a reminder that I'm generally a "spoiler-free" player. I don't go on the test realms, and I try to avoid anything but the most basic information about patches until they go live on the servers.

So, this blog will most certainly NOT be your source for all things 3.1-related. 🙂


(Apologies to any Hordies in the Barrens last night. We got… carried away as we passed through)

And finally, we gathered to say goodbye as Psia climbed up into Aldrassil:

Cheerio, mate. Thanks for four years of DPS, disreputable pets, tranquil mechanical yetis, potions and silly, silly roleplay conversations. That's still quite a duck you're riding. And as for the bike:


Ugh. /sob /cry

Bad news abounds! Abounds, I say!

  1. Phae, the druid blogger, the one who was so damn good that she made me get off my lardy virtual arse and get blogging, is calling it a day. I understand her reasons completely, and am glad there's the patter of tiny roots in her future, but the blogging world will be all the poorer if she doesn't re-emerge somewhere or somehow. Thanks Phae. You'll be missed. 
  2. We haz been hax0red. Ouch.

Still, I had pancakes last night. That counts for something.

I've been tagged so often in the last few days that I feel like a rare spawn mob. I've been tagged by Phae and Bell and Gnomer and Northern Spiced Tuna Steak and possibly others…

What do I have to do? Find my sixth folder with screenshots in it and select the sixth screenshot in it. 

Well, guys, it's an old one. Let's go back to April 2005 when Leafy and some Shattered Ravens colleagues face this:


Yes, my very, very first Deadmines – and instance – run.

And it's still a big ship. 🙂

I'm tagging – anyone who hasn't been tagged yet. First six people to self-tag themselves in the comments will get linked. Have at it! 

  1. Averna of Nerf this Druid goes dancin' (You askin'? She's dancin')
  2. Megalis of Vendor Trash can't decide if it's Naxx or Ironforge
  3. Icedragon of Druid Main is busy doin' the BOOMkin in Shattered Halls
  4. Xeonio of Rez the Weak (but only if they beg) is cutting the rug

Look, I hate to break the habit of a lifetime, and actually post useful content, but this came up on Twitter this morning (see here and here and here), so, I can't be the only one who took an age to figure this out…

  • If you're trying to put together a city gift package, the "consumable" type items (beer in Ironforge, etc) don't come from guards, they come from vendors, 'cos vendors need love, too.

Well, that was my one useful tip from me this year. Hope you enjoyed it…

Now be careful out there. And don't be a whore. 🙂