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  1. Dude, Leafy's a healer. If she hacks and slashes the mobs just laugh…
  2. Dude, she's a female. Wrong disguise, in so many ways. You can't even tell the difference between sexes? No wonder your dragonflight's in trouble.  
  • I said something similar when my female tauren got turned into a bald human male.

    The black dragonflight got Onyxia’s disguise right, so why not ours? T_T

  • Lilivati

    My male tree got turned into a girl. I think the guy is have a go at all of us. 😛

  • Okay people cute the dragons a break, they are lizards, they don’t have mammary glands how re they meant to understand the finer points of human anatomy (and when your 40 feet long all human anatomy is fine)! Its a miracle that they even turn you into something with 2 arms, 2 legs and no wings!

    That reminds me all that stuff blizzard said about making armour from dragon nipples, does that mean you have to skin the dragon when its in a humanoid form?

    I always love the disguise quest where I’m sneaking around subtly, yet seem to be the only one of the cultists/necromancers/zombies who has a pet following her about!