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Now, when I returned to WoW after the holidays, I didn't actually dive straight into levelling and dinging and achievement-getting and all that dull stuff. No. I did what only my guild were doing that day on our server.

I went to Zul'Aman.

Now, I know that's old hat to most of you, but we're not a hard core guild. We never got beyond 4/6 in that place before Wrath hit, and this was our first real opportunity to go back. I had quests to do, a couple of us were low enough level that we were still getting XP out of the kills (as you can see from the screengrab) and we wanted the achievement. And heck, we wanted to see the content. 

We started with 7 of us (five 80s, a 74 and a 70), and we did the first three bosses easily within the timer. We didn't get the last one in time, 'cos we didn't really know where we were going. 🙂 The another 80 and another 70 joined us and we tore through the last two bosses like wet paper. And it was, dammit, fun. As were the few bosses in Molten Core that we want on to introduce to the business end of our shoes. 

And somewhere in the midst of all this, a little lightbulb went off in my head. I stopped caring that I'd fallen behind my guild. I stopped caring that I was just 74, while they were running around the end game zones, and getting their kit together for Naxxramas. I've got loads of good levelling content to do. I'll get to 80 in a month or two. And I'll get to Naxx eventually. Sure, I won't be in the first Ravens group in there. I won't be in the first group that clears it. But we have more healers now, and the pressure is off me to get levelled and geared to heal them all in the 10 mans.

I can take this at my own pace. And, suddenly, I'm enjoying it all again.

  • PTD

    You know I totally understand how you feel, Leafy! I need to learn to just enjoy what I DO as well!