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And now an insight into how the greatest minds of the WoW blogging community bring you top-notch content. Yes, it's a excerpt from BlogAzeroth chat:

trizophenie: I'm a druid, I'm like, totally addicted to the emerald dragonflight
destructive sar: like a Blood Elf on mana? 🙂
trizophenie: naaah
trizophenie: It's just because of the relationships of druids with the emerald flight
leafshine: You know what we're saying.
leafshine: *waggles eyebrows suggestively*
trizophenie: Where does a tree have eyebrows?
destructive sar: :-)
leafshine: I can form shift!
leafshine: Plus, you know, moss.
trizophenie: moss is teh evil
leafyblogs: Which means my eyebrows are…EVIL!
trizophenie: noooo… that are Fim's
leafshine: No, his are just wild. Like a party in Ironforge when the gobbos spike the beer.


Update: OK, I seem to have caused some confusion here. I wasn't trying to agree with myself. I was just suggesting that, uh, maybe our chats on BA are less than profound sometimes. And mocking Fim's eyebrows, of course.