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But a cinematic and a long quest chain that sees you as part of an attack on the Undercity can't redeem entirely some of the flaws of the area.

While I loved, loved, loved Howling Fjord, Dragonblight was a bit of a chore to get through. In fact, I've probably taken so long to level because I was disinclined to get in there and get some questing done.

The Good

  1. Wrathgate. D'uh.
  2. Frostmourne Cavern. LoreLOL!
  3. The Ley Line Quest chain from Star's Rest.
  4. Baby snatching. The puppy goes in the bag…
  5. Rescuing refugees.

The Bad

  1. Ice. Ice. And more Ice. Plus some Ice.
  2. More wandering Elites than Hellfire Penninsula.
  3. Did I mention the ice?
  4. The quests at the 7th Legion Front. Both of them. Worst quest hub evar.
  5. The lack of quests at Fordragon Hold. What's up with that?
  6. ICE!!!

OK. There are some good answers to some of my criticisms. The dragon shrines give us some variation in terrain. There are some bits that aren't quite as icy. (And I was probably sensitive to it, as I was playing while Britain had its worst cold spell for years. And the central heating was broken.) But on the whole, Dragonblight had greater high points that the Pining Fjord, but overall, it's a poorer zone. Ah, well, seven group quests and I'm done with it.

Onwards to Grizzly Hills!