Making the World of Warcraft more trivial, one post at a time…


I can feel the difference, deep down inside me.

WoW is cool. It's great fun. The visuals are often breathtaking and inspired. It's a wonderful place to spend a few hours in of an evening, to escape the bustle of the city and to do something fun with friends. It's a cool place to socialise. 

But I'd rather spend more time exploring the beauty of this world than spending untold hours fighting my way through the same virtual environment again and again.

I will not make my Karazhan mistake again this year. 
  • where about in HF is this? i have to go there to take a screenie too!

  • It’s just across the bridge that runs over Whisper Gulch from Westguard Keep towards Steel Gate.

  • After a similar delay in being able to play Wrath, I’m also of two minds about raiding. A part of me misses it and a part of me never wants to do it again.

    My guild is starting up Naxx in a week or two. We’ll see how it goes.