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I can feel the difference, deep down inside me.

WoW is cool. It's great fun. The visuals are often breathtaking and inspired. It's a wonderful place to spend a few hours in of an evening, to escape the bustle of the city and to do something fun with friends. It's a cool place to socialise. 

But I'd rather spend more time exploring the beauty of this world than spending untold hours fighting my way through the same virtual environment again and again.

I will not make my Karazhan mistake again this year. 

Now, when I returned to WoW after the holidays, I didn't actually dive straight into levelling and dinging and achievement-getting and all that dull stuff. No. I did what only my guild were doing that day on our server.

I went to Zul'Aman.

Now, I know that's old hat to most of you, but we're not a hard core guild. We never got beyond 4/6 in that place before Wrath hit, and this was our first real opportunity to go back. I had quests to do, a couple of us were low enough level that we were still getting XP out of the kills (as you can see from the screengrab) and we wanted the achievement. And heck, we wanted to see the content. 

We started with 7 of us (five 80s, a 74 and a 70), and we did the first three bosses easily within the timer. We didn't get the last one in time, 'cos we didn't really know where we were going. 🙂 The another 80 and another 70 joined us and we tore through the last two bosses like wet paper. And it was, dammit, fun. As were the few bosses in Molten Core that we want on to introduce to the business end of our shoes. 

And somewhere in the midst of all this, a little lightbulb went off in my head. I stopped caring that I'd fallen behind my guild. I stopped caring that I was just 74, while they were running around the end game zones, and getting their kit together for Naxxramas. I've got loads of good levelling content to do. I'll get to 80 in a month or two. And I'll get to Naxx eventually. Sure, I won't be in the first Ravens group in there. I won't be in the first group that clears it. But we have more healers now, and the pressure is off me to get levelled and geared to heal them all in the 10 mans.

I can take this at my own pace. And, suddenly, I'm enjoying it all again.

And now an insight into how the greatest minds of the WoW blogging community bring you top-notch content. Yes, it's a excerpt from BlogAzeroth chat:

trizophenie: I'm a druid, I'm like, totally addicted to the emerald dragonflight
destructive sar: like a Blood Elf on mana? 🙂
trizophenie: naaah
trizophenie: It's just because of the relationships of druids with the emerald flight
leafshine: You know what we're saying.
leafshine: *waggles eyebrows suggestively*
trizophenie: Where does a tree have eyebrows?
destructive sar: :-)
leafshine: I can form shift!
leafshine: Plus, you know, moss.
trizophenie: moss is teh evil
leafyblogs: Which means my eyebrows are…EVIL!
trizophenie: noooo… that are Fim's
leafshine: No, his are just wild. Like a party in Ironforge when the gobbos spike the beer.


Update: OK, I seem to have caused some confusion here. I wasn't trying to agree with myself. I was just suggesting that, uh, maybe our chats on BA are less than profound sometimes. And mocking Fim's eyebrows, of course. 


But a cinematic and a long quest chain that sees you as part of an attack on the Undercity can't redeem entirely some of the flaws of the area.

While I loved, loved, loved Howling Fjord, Dragonblight was a bit of a chore to get through. In fact, I've probably taken so long to level because I was disinclined to get in there and get some questing done.

The Good

  1. Wrathgate. D'uh.
  2. Frostmourne Cavern. LoreLOL!
  3. The Ley Line Quest chain from Star's Rest.
  4. Baby snatching. The puppy goes in the bag…
  5. Rescuing refugees.

The Bad

  1. Ice. Ice. And more Ice. Plus some Ice.
  2. More wandering Elites than Hellfire Penninsula.
  3. Did I mention the ice?
  4. The quests at the 7th Legion Front. Both of them. Worst quest hub evar.
  5. The lack of quests at Fordragon Hold. What's up with that?
  6. ICE!!!

OK. There are some good answers to some of my criticisms. The dragon shrines give us some variation in terrain. There are some bits that aren't quite as icy. (And I was probably sensitive to it, as I was playing while Britain had its worst cold spell for years. And the central heating was broken.) But on the whole, Dragonblight had greater high points that the Pining Fjord, but overall, it's a poorer zone. Ah, well, seven group quests and I'm done with it.

Onwards to Grizzly Hills!

Tap tap
Is this thing on?


Anyone there?


Hello Trees!
…and Bears!
…and Cats!
…and weird owlbear battle-chicken things!
…and not-Druids!

not Leafshine. No, siree, not Leafy at all. Leafy is on holiday and has
asked me to pop over and talk to you all. And being a good friend and
all, that's what I'm going to do. Talk to you about… hmmm… yes,
good point… Leafy left no instructions on what to talk to you about.
So, I'm going to make some stuff up. That ok? Hope so.

Having established my non-Leafshine-ness, I haven't exactly filled you
in beyond that. I'm ChainTrap, or Psia, from Chain Trap and
I'm one of Leafy guildmates. And I'm a hunter. I provide some ranged
dps and an amount of CC for guild groups and raids.

I thought
about talking to you all about Druids. About how I love them (in a
friendly, comradely way; not in an all-sorts-of-wrong shapeshifting
way). And about how I love their versatility. But, at best, it'd be like
preaching to the choir. And at worst, well, I'd get it wrong… and
then I'd be forced to hide. Or sit in the druid-dunce corner. Or
whatever it is that angry trees do to ignorant hunters.

instead I thought I'd talk to you about hunters, and in particular some
things that I'd like non-hunters to know about hunters. Cos if you
don't know hunters, and don't know what you don't know about hunters,
then it's easy to think that you know about hunters, even though you
don't. Or something. Anyway, I thought it might be nice to talk about
some of the misconceptions and unknowns about hunters, and try to

I'm aware that some of you are hunters too. If so,
please feel free to add your own thoughts in the comments. In fact,
even those of you that aren't hunters, feel free to join in and offer
up things that you wish others knew about your chosen class.

So, on with the list:

Hunters are for dps and for utility.
Obvious? Well, you'd have thought so. But not everyone seems to understand this. Dps. Yes, well, we are a dps class; and that's our primary function. Massive quantities of sustained ranged dps is I think how Big Red Kitty, Hunter celebrity, puts it. We shoot stuff, it falls over. Currently, we're pretty good at it… so good that blizzard feel the need to nerf us in the next patch. This is probably, viewed with impassionate eyes, a fair thing for them to do. We are pretty good at dps.

Utility? Well, that's a bit different. We have one of the best crowd control methods in the game, and yet I'm rarely asked to use mine outside of guild groups (and not just because everyone is AoE tanking). Chain trapping is a skill that's pretty easy to learn. Many hunters can do it, and some of us are even talented to be able to do it indefinitely. Last evening, in the Halls of Stone, I kept one mob trapped for 5 minutes whilst we waited for our disco'ed tank to return. We all contribute one buff or another to a group. Some grant a percentage increase to everyone in the raid's damage; some an AP bonus of 10%; and some can give the mana regen effect to the raid. Our pets can off-tank. And, if specced correctly, main tank (5 mans at least). 

A hunter is pretty versatile. Next time you are short a tank, how about trying a BM hunter with a tenacity pet? Or if you need CC, try taking a hunter who knows how to chain trap.

We don't want your weapons!

There is an old old joke, first started somewhere on the comment sections of Thottbot, whereby any, and all, weapons would be commented with the words "Hunter weapon". Blizzard, in their infinite wisdom, decided that Hunters should be able to use pretty much any weapon in the game, barring maces. This meant, early on, that hunters rolled on almost all weapons. Many hunters, at launch, didn't realise that strength does nothing for them. They thought that spirit might be beneficial. And some even thought that melee was a great idea for dps.

Those days are long gone. There are more weapons now. Some of them have stats that are appropriate for hunters. Agility, Attack power, Stamina, Intellect… crit, hit and haste. That's pretty much it, although the odd occasional hunter might like Armour penetration. Blizzard have put a number of weapons in game that suit us, and ensured that there are almost always better weapons for you (be you warrior, rogue or druid).

We don't like being called Huntards.

Most of us are competant. Most of us know how to play our class. Some of us even know how to play it well. Huntard, being a derivation of retard, isn't a very nice way to refer to us. So we don't like it. It's not very funny, and isn't very appropriate. Joke's over, guys.

/serious face off

We are rubbish at Arenas (on the whole).

A lot of people seem to think that hunter's rule the pvp world. We are still very good in battlegrounds. Our ability to hit multiple targets with reasonably large quanities of damage guarantees that. But in Arenas we aren't very good. Line of sight is our enemy, and our melee skills are rather lame, meaning if our enemies come and sit on top of us, we are in trouble.

Well, that's about it, from me, for now. this may, or may not, have provided you with anything new. It may, or may not, have provided you with 5 minutes of entertainment. It may have even prompted you to go and find out more about hunters. I can heartily recommend to you a range of very well written, engaging, and entertaining hunter blogs.

Thank you for reading!