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  • Aaaahhh I want one. But back in September when I ordered I did not care about having a CE. Should have known that would change and then on a stressfull Friday I missed my one shot I got via an Amazon special … at 5p.m. they had a small contingent of CEs … I remembered around 9p.m..

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  • You know, I want to be jealous, but your voice is entirely too soothing, Leafy.

    Well, that and my CE will be here either today or tomorrow. Joy!

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  • That just made me giddy.

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  • I watched your video – I was jealous.

    I phoned my local Game store – they have some Collector’s Editions ready for sale tomorrow. I managed to pre-order one.

    You have helped me make my day 🙂


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  • Cel

    How did you get your copy a day early?!??

    I haven’t watched the video yet (at work) but I hope you didn’t install it yet. You don’t want to get permabanned liked some folks did before the TBC release.

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  • @Cel

    Pretty much all of my guild took delivery of their pre-orders this morning. This is the same that happened at BC launch in Europe. Pre-orders arrived the day before launch and we were in Outlands soon after midnight. We still can’t access Northrend or Death Knights until tonight, nor can we upgrade our accounts.

    We just have the boxes ready to go…

  • Cel


    What a pity they don’t do that here in the US. I’d love to get my hands on everything early.

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  • I hope you tidied up before you went to install the game!! 😛

    I’m so jealous that you got a CE… me wants! /sulk

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