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BRK challenged people to post screenshots from 2006 or earlier. Easy.

As Psia pointed out, there's a shot of the pair of us from May 2005 on our guild blog. And here's one of Leafy from February 2005, the month the game launched in Europe:
Early leaf

(You can see the full original screenshot by clicking on the icon to the right)

I believe Shaleigh is long deleted, but Buliwyf is still very much active as Andro's alt.

2006 indeed. n00bs. 
  • Buli in fact finally dinged 70 this last Saturday morning.

    Given he’s a day 1 EU character, that’s 3 years and 9 months to the level cap … though to be fair Andro’s been 70 for 18 months – I’ve just been lazy about getting Buli to that position, instead bringing a small family of others into their 20s and 30s.

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    TITLE: A long long time ago
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    Seeing how everyone is Traveling back in time… or using The Leafshine Wayback Machine I decided it was time I dig out my own pictures from way back when I was even more of a WoW noob than now.
    That staff has a history and Yáshimá still has it: