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For a Horde's eye view of the Invasion, check out /hug.

UPDATE: You can see the video in higher resolution over on WeGame

  • Great video. Best bit for me was rooting the Wyrm in the air. It looked awesome.

    Recent blog post: The Fight at Stormwind Harbour & A Nice Surprise

  • Barrhona

    OMG, Leafy! That was EPIC. The game music you had overlaid was perfect.

    And rooting Frost Wyrm in the air? Awesome.
    TITLE: Cant play today?
    BLOG NAME: Yashima Plays
    DATE: 11/11/2008 02:24:41 PM
    Well you can get a nice view of the battles going on in Azeroth as the Lich King is increasing his attacks courtesy several WoW bloggers who made movies for us:

    Leafshine Movies presents The Battle of Stormwind Harbor (Alliance)

    /hug delivers The Li…