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FrostyMeet Frosty. He's cute, ain't he?

And yes, his appearance means Leafy is safely ensconced in Northrend, her professions trained, and her first couple of quests done.

I wasn't in the Beta, so this is all new to mean. And I have to say, the boat ride into Valgarde was the most breath-taking thing I've seen in the game so far, with perfect music to complement it.

This is a new thing. And so far, it seems good…

More tomorrow. 🙂

Install 1
Yes. the install package tells you the story of Arthas' life, and how he became the Lich King, concluding with this screen:
And that's a really interesting place to finish, because the first thing that happens when you run the game (after upgrading your account. And redoing the 3.02 patch. Oh, and the 3.03 patch…) is that you go into the intro movie that starts right where that little narrative leaves off.

The story of Arthas is front and centre in this Expansion, and suddenly they've got me very interested to see how it plays out across the three content patches they have planned…

Looks like the Zombie Invasion has beeen the most controversial world event yet. I intend to write more about it when I have a wee bit of time, but in the meantime, here's a short reminder of those chaotic days:

BRK challenged people to post screenshots from 2006 or earlier. Easy.

As Psia pointed out, there's a shot of the pair of us from May 2005 on our guild blog. And here's one of Leafy from February 2005, the month the game launched in Europe:
Early leaf

(You can see the full original screenshot by clicking on the icon to the right)

I believe Shaleigh is long deleted, but Buliwyf is still very much active as Andro's alt.

2006 indeed. n00bs.