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Some people have ventured that gnome Death Knight are a bad idea, because they look silly and not at all sinister:

Bolty & the LK
I beg to differ…
  • I dunno, still looks terribly silly to me. He does, however, have a good cameraman.

  • Bah. There is something deeply unsettling about a tiny, armoured figure pulling a warrior through the air and slaughtering them with casual ease…

  • He looks more like he should be pulling a warrior through the air, cackling madly, and tying them to some train tracks while twirling his fine, fine mustache.

  • You say that like it’s a bad thing…. 🙂

  • Flowersz

    Does he jump up and down constantly like all the other gnomes? ‘coz if he does then he’s not sinister.

  • My thought is that it’s not the gnomes who are odd for Death Knights, although they’d be a bit rare. It’s the draenei that get me.

    Where on earth did they find the time in between crash landing, getting mucked up with the Blood Elves and killing Kil’jadaen to become Death Knights?

  • No, he leaves jumping to the Night Elves, who seem to do it most…

  • It’s a busy life as a Space Goat, isn’t it? 🙂

    I guess some must have chosen to serve the Light through the auspices of the Argent Dawn, and have suffered for it…

  • No they still don’t look sinister… =)

  • I think he looks silly AND sinister. =)

  • Sit on the fence, why don’t you? 🙂

  • In your, almost entirely erroneous, opinion. 😛

  • dorgol

    I’d bet my ruffled moonkin feathers that Gnomes will be the 2nd most popular Alliance race for Death Knights. The PvPers want the racial, the rest just find it funny.

    Myself, I’m going the “rare = better” and rolling Dwarf.