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Install 1
Yes. the install package tells you the story of Arthas' life, and how he became the Lich King, concluding with this screen:
And that's a really interesting place to finish, because the first thing that happens when you run the game (after upgrading your account. And redoing the 3.02 patch. Oh, and the 3.03 patch…) is that you go into the intro movie that starts right where that little narrative leaves off.

The story of Arthas is front and centre in this Expansion, and suddenly they've got me very interested to see how it plays out across the three content patches they have planned…

  • Beautiful. Coooooool!

    Now the question is, at 9pm PST, will it actually work?


  • Toby

    I missed that story because I didn’t think of sitting in front of my computer for 40min while it installed (I watched Heroes instead 🙂
    Is it on the web somewhere? I couldn’t find it.

  • Aisha

    Ok. And how long is this installation going to take? I accidently pressed the “Uninstall” button and now it`s probably installing all WoW + BC + Wotlk. I know, it sucks. And it takes so damn long… 🙁