Making the World of Warcraft more trivial, one post at a time…

It's been a bit of a bad news / good news 48 hours here in Leafy towers. Let's handle the bad bit first.

Bad News

We raided Zul'Aman on Thursday night. And we did Eagle and Bear bosses on the timer. I was excited, because all the decent resto loot comes from the chests on those bosses. We pushed onwards to the Dragonhawk boss, without opening the crates…

…and my screen froze. I had to force a reboot of the iMac, and it wouldn't restart. The hard drive had died mid-game. It took me 20 minutes to establish that the iMac wasn't coming back, switch over to my MacBook, find the external HD I use for WoW on that, and get logged back in. By which time, they'd gone back and looted the chests, including Elunite Imbued Leggings which went to a paladin.

Now, you can read the other side of the story on Andro's blog, but I think we both screwed up here. Sure, it wasn't a great call to open those chests without being sure I wasn't coming back. But it wasn't a great call of mine to bail from the raid when I discovered what they'd done. And the irony is, of course, that I listened without really reading, which was stupid of me. Because the drop is much more Boomkin gear than druid gear, and wouldn't really have been an upgrade anyway. Useful for caster soloing, but not really for my primary healing role. The combination of losing an expensive computer and then having the apparent loot loss adding insult to injury was a bit much for me – which suggests to me that, emotionally, I've got a long way to go before I regain my emotional equilibrium after the loss of my Mum and all the stress that goes with house clearance and funerals. Grief really works its way into every aspect of your life, and you always underestimate how profound an effect it has. 

Good News

The following afternoon, before I took my iMac in for repair, I had a chance to do some invasion-clearing with Glaive the super-pally and some other guildies, including an alt of Psia's. And I managed to complete my leather invasion set, for kitty-cat soloing and levelling! Hurrah!
Argent Dawn Leafy
I'd been lucky to pick up some leather from Karazhan which our rogues didn't need, but adding Blessed Tunic of Undead Slaying and Blessed Leggings of Undead Slaying to the gloves and shoulders I bought with Necrotic Runes from the last invasion has given me a robust set going into Wrath, which is pleasing. And I do like the look. Very druidy.

Oh, and we went into Kara again last night, and gave Tenris Mirkblood a good kicking, albeit one delivered on the run. So, I have my lovely little vampire bat now.