Making the World of Warcraft more trivial, one post at a time…

So, have you noticed how often Space Goats get stuck behind old world terrain? Poor old Ularia, my space goat pally got trapped behind some scenery in Ashenvale recently, and I was forced to summon a GM to my aid. I obviously crited my summon roll, because I got a witty GM…


And you would think that would be enough. But, no, Gnatashi was better than that:


It’s wee touches like that that make it a please playing (and paying for) this game. Thanks, Gnatashi!

  • My favorite story is by my best friend who had a head roll out of a nearby bush (not literally, but the GM role played it out). I’ve never actually dealt with a GM, but it’s good to see they’re enjoying themselves versus just doing their job (at least, I hope this kind of role playing is for fun).

  • Hehe, that’s great! I usually just get the standard “For the Alliance!” GMs.

  • Annorah got her horns stuck in one of the wall sconces in The Bronze Kettle in Ironforge once, when she was too low level to have ghost wolf form.

    Had to call a GM to get her untangled – it was highly embarrassing.