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What's that, Leafy? A packrat invasion? Surely you mean a Scourge Invasion.

Well, sorta. You see, those of us who have been around since pre-Burning Crusade days will remember that there was a previous Scourge Invasion, one which heralded the arrival of Naxxramas. And guess what the scourge from those invasions dropped?

Necrotic runes
Ah, Necrotic Runes. And I had 88 of them safely banked as Blizzard assured us that they'd be of use at some point in the future. Oh, I came close to tossing them out a few times, as the years passed and no way of spending them was forthcoming.

Call top arms
And so, when the Invasion re-started and the Argent Quartermasters returned, I was able to go on a wee spending spree almost immediately. 10 of them were needed to finish Under the Shadow, and then, hmmm. Well, the Blessed Grips and Blessed Shoulders of Undead Slaying looked too good to miss, as they'd boost my kitty-cat set. And an Argent Dawn banner would go so nicely with the tabard I picked up in the last invasion.

Now, my biggest concern is getting a group together to do Kara before the new boss disappears. Some of the guild have already done it, and response to getting a second run together has been lacklustre. I'm a little worried at this point…