Making the World of Warcraft more trivial, one post at a time…

So, tomorrow us EU types get to go through Patch Day Hell. And then we all have to respec, a process which I find painful and confusing, because I can’t do math like Phae.

So, I’m agonising over my spec for the next month and I’m trying to decide between two minor variants I like to call "Speed Battle Tree" and "Power Battle Tree".

Here’s the speedy variant.

And here’s the power variant.

Any opinions?

  • Eldr

    I’m not going to make things any easier for you. I’ll try out wild growth ofc but this is most likely to be my L70 raiding spec. We have maaany priests.

    IMHO this doesn’t sacrifice too much from your builds, to pick up 1% periodic and the gorgeousness of Moonglow. Nature’s Splendor is extra tasteh with the Regrowth glyph.