Making the World of Warcraft more trivial, one post at a time…

So, it’s the big patch day. And what’s the first thing I do?

Well, learn the new spells, actually. And then respec. And transfer all my pets to the new pet tab. Oh, and visit Stormwind Harbour.

But once I’d done all that, the very first thing I did was get a hair cut. And, as the Duck-Billed Matticus had challenged us to post our haircuts, here are before and after shots of Leafy:


Not a huge change, I admit. I’d intended to change it more, but none of the others felt like Leaf, so I just went for a less structured, looser version of the ponytail she’s always had. After all, she’s a busy girl these days, always on the move. Keeping the old hairstyle was too much of a distraction. And the switch from the white to green reflects her increasing attunement to restoration and the Tree of Life. Leafy is close to the plantlife elements of nature, and all that time in tree form is affecting her hair and facial markings.

A small change, but one I’m happy with, for now.

  • I really like that the hair color change reflects her spec and connection nature.