Making the World of Warcraft more trivial, one post at a time…


Alas and alack, I've barely had ant time to log into the game in recent days. Scourge remain unslain, and time-limited bosses undropped.

So, instead I thought I'd take the time to tell you about one of the blogs I'm enjoying. It goes by the name of Shift-T, and is (whisper it) a Hunter blog. Mrigashirsha1 post about hunter-specific things but alos about generally just enjoying yourself in-game, in this pre-Wrath period. And that's an angle we don't see covered enough, I think, (although Gnomer has touched on similar issues recently) given the progression/achievement2-orientation of much WoW blogging.

Recent posts include cool quests you might have missed in Outlands (and the "drive a Fel Reaver" one is a must, if you haven't done it yet), and some challenges that occur because of the nature of debates on the web.

It's well worth dropping into your feed reader, and do drop by and say hello to Mrigashirsha!

1. A name from Vedic astrology, apparently
2. With or without a capital letter. Either idea works…