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OK. Here we go…


The Lich King. In metal armour. On a Frozen Throne. We all know what that means, don’t we?


No wonder the poor guy is so grumpy.


Now, we can learn two important things from this:

  1. Arthas has stepped in a yeti. He should watch where he’s going
  2. There will be snow in Northrend! OMG SPOILER!


Snow Angels: UR Doing It Wrong.


Uh, no Arthas. We don’t want to see what you’ve got under your cloak.

Put it away. You’re just being smutty.


Word of advice, me old Lich King mucker: catching snowflakes is much more fun if done on your tongue. Really, try it.


[Pantomime Voice] It’s BEHIND you!


Is it me, or did anyone else think "must equip my Argent Dawn trinket" when you saw these guys?


And lastly, the great mystery of the new expansion: How does he shave under that helmet? Maybe that’s why they’re adding barber shops…

  • /applaud it all makes sense now!!

  • No wonder this guy wants to kill everyone…do you know how chafed he must be! They really don’t have bathrooms in Northrend and the cold causes havoc with “natural” functions.

  • Clearly, the guy has issues. We owe it not just to him, but to ourselves, to “make it all better.”

    So, Leafy, hlep is comin! 😀

  • LOL @ the idea of Artie doing snow angels. ^_^

  • Bruce Baugh

    According to a guildmate:

    Actually, Arthas has a very skilled male gnome hairdresser, that can get right in and under that helmet. “Oh, you know, Arthas, if you’d just grow a tiny bit of beard, you’d be the bell of the ball! *hops over to the other side* You will NEVER guess what I heard. That wizard in Shadowfang got killed, oh you know what would be nice, you should bring him back and enlist him. I can make a jell-o mold for you if you want to take a gift?”

  • I just noticed that Arthas buys his helms from the same stylist as Sauron…

  • cool a reason to keep carrying that argent dawn trinket around.. it’s been in my bag for 2 years now, no sense it taking it out.

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