Making the World of Warcraft more trivial, one post at a time…

  • “This made me laugh, because, as healage broccoli, often the first sign I get of Mages pulling aggro is a little gnomish death sound.”

    Mmmmm on you got a rise out of me (I can only manage an inch or so)

    Normally my Omen is Dave the Tree Hugger (my pet Tree Druid). When he goes down I know there is no point in turning around cause I am going to get king-hit as the mob runs back to the tank.

    In fact now I think about it, I control aggro pretty well normally… When I pull I am cursing to myself for being so stupid, apologize to the party/raid, then realise that the tank’s portrait is all greyed out.. and we wont mention Hunter’s kiting mobs to my feet and feign deathing….