Making the World of Warcraft more trivial, one post at a time…

One year ago, yesterday, Leafshine: Lust for Flower was unleashed on an unsuspecting WoW-blog reading public. Readers flocked here in their 10s, buoyed by the useful information found on sites like Pesto4Life, Big Bellicose Buffoon Blogger and the like, expecting more well-written, useful content. (Although some people came here from Feed More Page, mainly because I made licentious suggestions about Ratters and beards. But that’s another story entirely.)  And they have been recoiling in horror at the half-arsed mish-mash of irrelevance and all out nonsense that’s been pouring out of the small, insipid organ that’s called my brain ever since.

And yet, mysteriously, I now have hundreds of RSS subscribers and tens of thoudands of page views. There can only be one conclusion: there’s a significant subset of WoW players who have no taste at all. And I love every single one of your for your total lack of taste. 🙂

The blog was (quite literally) two years in the making, with the name and idea sorted out pre-Burning Crusade. Two short-lived false starts later, I finally buckled down and got on with it last September

And here and now, I make a commitment to you: I shall continue to waste your precious time with more flippancy, irrelevance, stupid photos and sudden, unexpected long, rambling essays for at least another year. I am so very good to you, aren’t I?

Thank you for your attention. You may now return to your regulalrly scheduled Wrath launch date announcement frothing.

  • Happy Blogday, Leafy! May many more follow!

  • Grats dude! Here’s to many more!

  • Is a big flumpernuggin happy blogday to ya, Leafy! Lookin’ forwards ta another year of the same.

  • Happy (late) Bloggiversary Leafy! Long live the “flippancy, irrelevance, stupid photos and sudden, unexpected long, rambling essays” 😉


  • Happy Blog day.. and thanks for inspiring me to raise my fishing skill to 226!

  • and it’s fun to read 🙂