Making the World of Warcraft more trivial, one post at a time…

So, we now know we’re on a timer. Very literally, in some cases. In but two short months, Northrend will open up, and well be wrapping up warmly (so we feel the benefit) and heading off to the icy wastes to fight the Lord of the Chilblains.

So, what are your priorities for the remaining months of the Burning Crusade? Here’s mine:

  1. Finish outstanding Netherstorm group quests
  2. Finish outstanding instance quests
  3. Get my Netherdrake
  4. Kill Netherspite (mebbe)
  5. Get Onyxia-attuned, before it goes bye-bye.

Uh, that’s it.

What about you guys?

  • 1. Get rogue to 70
    2. Get a nice big stock of Honour points on my paladin
    3. Finally decide which damn character’s going to be my Scribe
    4. Rack up another 6k gold.
    5. Relax and have fun. 🙂

  • 1. Get those last 15 points in fishing skill.
    2. Get that last 1k gold for epic flyingness.
    3. Honor farm and grab as many BG marks as I can.
    4. Level me some alts.
    5. Finish off these 25 group quests that have resided far too long in my quest log.

  • Drink the blood of the unworthy,
    Slay those who oppose me,
    Convert to being Dutch.

  • While clearing out your quest log sounds nice…I would maybe consider sandbaging some quests to get a quick XP boost on day 1. So finish the quests..just don’t hand them in.

  • You better hurry with the Onyxia attunement – it’s not being removed in WotLK, it’s being removed in the 3.0.1 patch – which is coming soon…

    That said, my level 70 druid soloed the entire chain in a weekend, so it is definitely doable. You’ll just need a party for BWL since you can’t open the firelord’s room alone and also some of the larger packs and the final boss are a bit hard to solo, unless you’re in T6 gear 🙂

  • I finally killed the Nexus King and Socrethar today 🙂 Only a few more group quests and then I’ll probably have done 95% of all outland quests.

  • Onyxia attunement is going away?? Aaah … must hurry.