Making the World of Warcraft more trivial, one post at a time…


I know that the majority of people who ready my fine thought meats on this blog do so via RSS. That’s cool – but I bet most of you have had to pick and choose which blogs you subscribe to, just to keep your RSS reader under control. While more than necessary, it can mean that you miss out on some great Warcraft stuff that’s out of your particular area of interest.

That’s where the World of Warcraft Alltop comes in.

It’s a single page that lists the most recent five posts for a range of editorially-selected sites, giving you a quick and easy way of spotting stuff you might not have seen otherwise. I usually browse it after going through my reader as something of a bloggy digestif.

Give it a try, and let me knwo what you think.

  • How do they choose which sites to feature? Some of the ones I see are blogs which aren’t updated any more… and one is someone who “quit WoW” a while ago. Can it be configured differently?

  • @Doodle You can “close” blogs you aren’t interested in, and there’s an e-mail address to contact the editors on the about page. Maybe drop ’em a line with the ones that are defunct?