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I was reading my once-and-future guidie Psia’s blog, when I came across this little admission:

And so I came to the clothing section. And here’s where I get to the
nub of this post (I know, I take a long time to make a point!). I wasn’t prepared to buy any clothing because I am ashamed to publicly declare my love for the game. There, I said it. Ashamed of something that I spend hours on. That I enjoy in a social context with a lot of my friends.

Psia is ashamed of WoW? For shame!

Are you? I’m not.

Now, I wouldn’t wear a WoW t-shirt, but that’s not through any feeling of shame at being a WoW player – it’s just because I think they look faintly ridiculous on a guy in his mid-30s. I don’t wear t-shirts at all anymore – I’m strictly a shirt or structured top kinda guy. But, if I did, I’d more happily wear something like one of Phae’s t-shirts, which are much less in your face about the WoW connection. To those who know nothing about the game, they’re just an odd design, to those who do, they’re a point of common conversation. The default Blizz designs are just a little too much like paying to wear advertising…

But I’m certainly not ashamed of my WoW-playing. A substantial number of my collegues at work know that I play, and there will be a small aknowledgement on my main blog when I post here. I’ve often interlinked between the two. MMoRPGs feel like they’re in the same place blogging was in a few years back – many people were ashamed to admit that they were involved, but they were rapidly becoming part of the mainstream. Just as with blogging, I treat WoW like something ordinary and mainstream, and that makes it a non-issue for others.

Does that match everyone’s experiences?


The latest Twisted Nether blogcast (which is a podcast about blogs, I think. Certainly an improvement on a bogcast, though, which would be about swamps. Or toilets) has hit the internets, and you should listen to it for two very good reasons.

The first is that the main interview is with my long-time internet buddy Siha of Banana Shoulders, and she makes a really interesting guest.

And the second is that it contains at least three distinct references to me. And that’s significantly more Leafy than any podcast has been before… 

Grab it from the Twisted Nether blog, or direct from iTunes.

So, we now know we’re on a timer. Very literally, in some cases. In but two short months, Northrend will open up, and well be wrapping up warmly (so we feel the benefit) and heading off to the icy wastes to fight the Lord of the Chilblains.

So, what are your priorities for the remaining months of the Burning Crusade? Here’s mine:

  1. Finish outstanding Netherstorm group quests
  2. Finish outstanding instance quests
  3. Get my Netherdrake
  4. Kill Netherspite (mebbe)
  5. Get Onyxia-attuned, before it goes bye-bye.

Uh, that’s it.

What about you guys?

Evidently Bruce Baugh, game designer extraordinaire, and blogger on Tor Books new site, like my WoW as a Social Operating System post enough to pick up the ball and run with it. He’s done a great job in developing some of my ideas, so go, check it out.

Oh, and while you’re there, check out the rest of the site. There’s some great SF / Fantasy bloggery happening there, at a remarkably high level of intelligence.

One year ago, yesterday, Leafshine: Lust for Flower was unleashed on an unsuspecting WoW-blog reading public. Readers flocked here in their 10s, buoyed by the useful information found on sites like Pesto4Life, Big Bellicose Buffoon Blogger and the like, expecting more well-written, useful content. (Although some people came here from Feed More Page, mainly because I made licentious suggestions about Ratters and beards. But that’s another story entirely.)  And they have been recoiling in horror at the half-arsed mish-mash of irrelevance and all out nonsense that’s been pouring out of the small, insipid organ that’s called my brain ever since.

And yet, mysteriously, I now have hundreds of RSS subscribers and tens of thoudands of page views. There can only be one conclusion: there’s a significant subset of WoW players who have no taste at all. And I love every single one of your for your total lack of taste. 🙂

The blog was (quite literally) two years in the making, with the name and idea sorted out pre-Burning Crusade. Two short-lived false starts later, I finally buckled down and got on with it last September

And here and now, I make a commitment to you: I shall continue to waste your precious time with more flippancy, irrelevance, stupid photos and sudden, unexpected long, rambling essays for at least another year. I am so very good to you, aren’t I?

Thank you for your attention. You may now return to your regulalrly scheduled Wrath launch date announcement frothing.

This is wot I read and liked today: