Making the World of Warcraft more trivial, one post at a time…

I’ve just begun my grand blogroll tidy-up. Anything that hasn’t posted since March is being swept aside to make way for fresh, new WoW bloggy action. I’ve just cleaned up my Boomkin Blogroll.

If you feel you should be in there, but you’re not, let me know about your blog below!

Update 1: Erdluf suggests Gray Matter, and it’s a good ‘un. Blogrolled and subscribed.

Update 2: Tigerfeet of Secret Agent Cat suggests From Cow to Chicken. It’s a fresh blog, but looking promising…

  • Erdluf

    Not me, but a good Balance blog is

  • I second Grat Matter. I raid with a Boomkin and their blog helped a lot with what pre-raid gear to look out for, Idol swap macros, etc. Great blog =).

    My blog is about a mix of 70’s I have – A Moonkin included, but shes on hold at the moment until WOTLK. It’s more a personal ranting blog about whatever is going on in-game at the moment lol.

    This comment was more a praise to Gray Matter than a cheap plug for my WoWblog =D

  • Thanks for the link and thanks for the plugs.

    I am happy to be a help.

  • Mmmmmm not for me, but I do believe my guild leader could use some lovins. < - that's a right fine laser chicken right there, does us proud 🙂