Making the World of Warcraft more trivial, one post at a time…

  1. OMG It’s so dull. There’s nothing to do until Wrath comes out and my guild is breaking up and I’m never going to clear Sunwell and….
  2. OMG It’s so exciting. Ooooh, my Marmot talent tree is being buffed and I’m getting call of the yeti spell and a Cheese exotic pet and all sorts of other things from the beta that will be nerfed out of existence by the time the game goes live.
  3. OMG We got boss LewtDropper down, so we’re now x/y in InstanceSoonToBeForgot. Oooooh, I hope that the guild holds together enough to get us to y/y
  4. Beer*.

Your choice.

*Or a nice white wine for the ladies.

  • I’m choosing 1 and 3, that totally works for me at least.

  • White wine is nice, but I’ll take the beer instead. *grins*

  • Of course, Anna. White wine’s for ladies


  • I’m a woman, of Eastern European descent, a former sailor, and a member of the illustrious guild known as the Drunken Badgers: I’ll go with the beer.

    And a good rant always works well!

  • I think I would prefer beer, too. Thinking of which it is a good idea to have a beer with dinner or rather right now before dinner 😀

  • I likes white wine when I’s having Night Elf wimmens fer dinner.

  • @Ratshag

    You mean Night Elf women over for dinner, right?


  • I think i’ll go for the beer as well =)

    nice post.

  • *raises hand for #4*

  • Can I get a few #4s? Not too many, two dozen or so should be fine…

  • #4, clearly, would be the correct answer if I drank beer. And as I am not a lady… Bah, I say, bah.

  • Beer, of course. White wine is for … nelfemales, I guess.

  • Dru

    You forgot one. Before the beer/white wine should be something or other about PvP/Arena. 😀

  • #4 Beer… but not too much, cause I am small… in fact I will just have the froth off the top