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The latest episode of the ever-exciting Twisted Nether podcast is loose on the internethers. Luckily, Breana got a hunter’s mark on the thing before it got loose and you can download it pretty easily.

The guest star is Part Time Druid, and you can hate him, just like I did, for being a casual player who has actually made it into Black Temple.

Incidentally, I strongly suggest you stop listening before the voicemails. Really goes downhill at that point…

I’ve just begun my grand blogroll tidy-up. Anything that hasn’t posted since March is being swept aside to make way for fresh, new WoW bloggy action. I’ve just cleaned up my Boomkin Blogroll.

If you feel you should be in there, but you’re not, let me know about your blog below!

Update 1: Erdluf suggests Gray Matter, and it’s a good ‘un. Blogrolled and subscribed.

Update 2: Tigerfeet of Secret Agent Cat suggests From Cow to Chicken. It’s a fresh blog, but looking promising…