Making the World of Warcraft more trivial, one post at a time…

It’s not as simple as being bored pre-expansion, though. There are, in fact, things I’d like to get done pre-expansion. No, it’s a combination of factors. For one, the guild drama of a few weeks ago really soured things for me. Having a guild of people you perceive as you friends turn rotten on you like that takes some coming back from. But it’s more than just that.

I need the time. I’ve a lot on my plate in my personal life right now, and I am in a situation where every hour is precious. I’m reclaiming something like 8 to 15 hours a week. That’s pretty significant to me for the next few weeks. But it’s more than that.

Truth be told, WoW had become a bit of a job. I’m a fully armed and operational healage tree, and in a guild that was perennially short of healers, I was alternating between running Kara, often when I didn’t really want to, and working to make sure I was up to guild gear scratch. And it did bleed the fun out of the game more than I realised. In the end, I thing I enjoy the levelling and the 5 mans more than any other part of the game. Raiding’s fun at first, but the doing it again… and again… and again… pales after a while. So, really, what I needed was a holiday.

So, that’s what I’m on. A WoW holiday. I imagine me complete holiday from the game will be over within a week, and then I’ll have an extended holiday period of playing on my new server. And then we’ll see. I’d certainly like to be back with the Ravens by the expansion, but frankly, I can’t even face resubscribing to the mailing list right now.

Yes, the virtual equivalent of sitting on the beach sipping piña coladas is exactly what I need right now.

  • David

    Never commented here before, but just wanted to say I enjoy your blog, so I’ll miss it while you’re gone. You’re probably doing the best thing, though: I had burn out a while ago, and took a good, three-month break from the game. It did wonders for me, although I didn’t have any of the nasty guild drama you mention. Hope that turns out OK.

    And I have to know… The icon on your dock of the box with all the stuff spilling out of it… I’m intrigued. What app is that?

    Take care!

  • Bruce Baugh

    Sounds like perfect time for vacation. Enjoy!

  • Jef

    totally unrelated question but what’s the icon with the tipped over box next to the Transmit one?

  • If you do decide to return, and I very much hope that you do, do not think that you have to do anything that you don’t want to. Whilst we _are_ perennially short of healers, we’re not that short, and if you don’t want to come to Kara, or whatever its expansion equivalent is, we’ll cope. Indeed the only area in which we are oversubscribed for the next kara is healers. I’m sure that I speak for everyone when I say that we’d rather that you did what you wanted to do, and stayed sane, than signed up to runs out of obligation.

    Anyway, enjoy your world of holidaycraft for a few days/weeks/months and hope to see you back on SWC sometime sooner or later.

    PS: The mailing list is pretty calm atm. How long that lasts, well, we shall see.

  • @David & Jef:

    It’s the beta version of ecto 3:

  • David

    That’s for that – I shall have to check it out… if only to have the snazzy-looking icon on my dock! 🙂

  • “Not to raid” is one of the best decisions I ever made. I’m so glad that WotLK will have 10-man versions so I can see content (if I want to). Have a fun vacation. ^_^

  • I’m so so VERY sorry about your guild. I’ve had a similar thing happen in real life, a large chunk of people I had precieved as friends decided to turn and ostracize me and you’re right, it really does take some recovering from.

    So take your holiday, enjoy it, savor it, take as long as you need and good luck.

  • Richard

    Come back to the Ravens when you’re ready. Things have calmed down. Other’s have departed, but you’ll always be welcome back.