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I thought I knew how this post was going to turn out. I thought it would be all "W00t! I got the two badges I need and swapped my ancient Lifewarden’s Breastplate for a shiny new Shroud of Nature’s Harmony."

And that did, indeed, happen.

But after a tough time with Aran (3 wipes before he want down, one of which was 100% my fault), I thought our run was all but over. We did Chess but at the last minute, decided to go have a quick peek at Prince. And one-shotted him, to everyone’s surprise. And guess what he dropped?

And guess who won the roll?

Clue: that’s a Crown of Malorne adorning the Leafy brow above. 🙂

  • It’s a start. =)

  • Woot! Yay Leafy!

  • Y’know, I was afraid to read the rest of the post (I had visions of tram time in my head), but I’m glad that I did. Huzzah and happiness! Congratulations on the nifty new, uh, horns?

  • Hey congrats! I got my antlers just the other day too, I do love them so! (they just look so snazzy) xD

  • YAY!!!!

    I love the way the helm looks, it’s very Druid cool. Grats on duo Druid loot love!

  • Yay Leafy!!!
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