Making the World of Warcraft more trivial, one post at a time…

..the same group unilaterally declared that they were running
Kara every week with the same seven people, and we were invited to
apply for the additional slots. Now, this is common practice in many
guilds – but it is exactly the opposite of what the Ravens were created
to do. And, to add insult to injury, the Ravens are small enough as a
guild that this meant the effective end of Kara for most of us, unless
we went begging for the extra raid slots.

Normally, I’d have stayed and fought my corner. But, following my bereavement just over a month ago, I’m somewhat more emotionally
volatile than normal, and I decided that it was best for all if I took
a month’s holiday somewhere.

One /gquit and £15 later, and Leafshine is now on Bloodhoof EU. Why there? Well, it could be that there are some very nice people over there. And, indeed, they have made me feel very welcome.

So, new home, new guild, new people. It’s a brand new Leafy day!

Oh, and after running dozens of battlegrounds on my old server, winning 10, and not getting the Spirit of Competition pet, I ran one Alterac Valley on Bloodhoof – and got my Medallion. Good omens FTW.

  • /hug! The old /gquit is a very hard thing to do, but sometimes it is all for the best. When a guild essentially changes their aims and purpose for existence without asking people, it is difficult for it to be the right place for you anymore. Besides… how could you not have fun over on Bloodhoof?

    Best wishes!

  • Well, I’m sorry to hear about the problems that led to the /gquit, but I am ohsohappy you chose to move over to Bloodhoof to play with us! 😀
    Welcome to the madhouse… 😉

  • Bruce Baugh

    Sorry to hear about the drama. Been there, done that, alas.

    Do you see yourself as having shaken the dust of the old from the hem of your garment, or as on a leave of absence, to return someday?

    Also, do you think your Bloodhoof friends would accept a wandering Yank? I was really hoping to have some chances to visit in game. 🙂

  • Lymara

    Let’s be fair about this shall we?:

    “Yesterday morning, a Kara run I’d arranged was all but destroyed by one of the guild choosing to set up a competitive heroic. People pulled out, leaving us down a tank.”

    I removed my tank character from this run mid-last week and not because of the other heroic run that was taking place (which wasn’t even scheduled at the time). I was on the list only as reserve DPS.

  • Awww, I am so sorry you had to deal with the horrible drama llama, but I am glad you have found a new home. Softi and Aurik will take good care of you!

    And congrats on the dragon, may he bring you good luck!

  • @Lymara

    By trying to avoid personalising the discussion, I appear to have made my point badly. The MrT run involved exactly 50% of the guild’s available Kara-level tanks. That left us only one option to fill the role, who had made no indication that he was free.

    I was not, in any way, specifically targeting you with that comment.

  • Plodders

    I’d just like to say I’ve read your blog for about the last six months, and was shocked to read you are coming to my home realm, so Welcome, I’ll see you around in game sometime 😀

  • Woo! Congrats on your little draggie! May your Prince Infernals always drop auspiciously and your bosses always shower you with goodies! A new guild on a new server can be a beautiful thing.