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So, I has an authenticator, I has. So I am safe from the fiendish Chinese and their gold-hacking ways. Or something.

But there is a downside to this, as I’ve discovered. I keep my authenticator on my key-ring, because I travel a lot for both work and pleasure, and if I didn’t have it on the key ring, I’d lose all my away-from-home playtime.

However, when I’m at home, I keep my keys in a pot in the hall, nowhere near the study where my computer is. So, when I pop onto my iMac for 10 minutes’ WoW before I head to work, my authenticator is nowhere to hand. So I don’t bother. The same often happens in the evening when I get in from work, but before I start work on dinner.

Is the security worth the couple of hours’ play time I’m losing a week?

  • ion

    I would say that the couple of hours time is not lost, but gained 😉


  • Valenna of Parry, Dodge, Spin! complains of the same problem! I’d suggest pointedly relocating that pot of yours into your computer room instead. That way you’ll immediately notice when you go to put your keys down!