Making the World of Warcraft more trivial, one post at a time…

The net result is a game that feels surprisingly familiar to an
audience that’s main experience of the idea of an RPG comes through
computer games. The combat-orientation gives you a good feeling of
running through the early quests, and you have enough time to get to
grips with your abilities – which takes a while, even for an
experienced gamer – before you "ding" and gain more, just to complicate

But here’s a thought: where’s the roleplaying in all this? The
being-in-character, doing half-elfy stuff part of the game? Well, for
us, one silly scene in a bar, so far. Now, I’ve only read the Player’s Handbook so far, but it only really gives cursory attention to the
idea, but the initial adventures (we’re working through Keep on the Shadowfell right now) seem to sow little seeds of potential
roleplaying interaction amongst the combat, without thrusting it down
your throats. So, you could probably skip it if you wanted, or use it as a steady learning experience for those coming from keyboard gaming.

Expect further reports from the Tabletop as the game develops…

  • Flaime

    4th Edition has to leave a space for the hack’n’slashers still. They were never much into actual role playing.

    It will still provide ample opportunity for genuine role players and give support for those who wish to role play with a better skill set for character manipulation. Or so it seems to me.