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It’s not as simple as being bored pre-expansion, though. There are, in fact, things I’d like to get done pre-expansion. No, it’s a combination of factors. For one, the guild drama of a few weeks ago really soured things for me. Having a guild of people you perceive as you friends turn rotten on you like that takes some coming back from. But it’s more than just that.

I need the time. I’ve a lot on my plate in my personal life right now, and I am in a situation where every hour is precious. I’m reclaiming something like 8 to 15 hours a week. That’s pretty significant to me for the next few weeks. But it’s more than that.

Truth be told, WoW had become a bit of a job. I’m a fully armed and operational healage tree, and in a guild that was perennially short of healers, I was alternating between running Kara, often when I didn’t really want to, and working to make sure I was up to guild gear scratch. And it did bleed the fun out of the game more than I realised. In the end, I thing I enjoy the levelling and the 5 mans more than any other part of the game. Raiding’s fun at first, but the doing it again… and again… and again… pales after a while. So, really, what I needed was a holiday.

So, that’s what I’m on. A WoW holiday. I imagine me complete holiday from the game will be over within a week, and then I’ll have an extended holiday period of playing on my new server. And then we’ll see. I’d certainly like to be back with the Ravens by the expansion, but frankly, I can’t even face resubscribing to the mailing list right now.

Yes, the virtual equivalent of sitting on the beach sipping piña coladas is exactly what I need right now.

So, I’ve been doing this tabletop thing again:

Gaming from Leafshine on Vimeo.

I find it fascinating how coming back from computer gaming to tabletop really changes your perception of things. For example, one of the characters has an ability called Hunter’s Quarry. Which makes us all think of Hunter’s Mark. Which makes us try to simulate a large, red arrow bouncing over the miniature’s head. And we had a fair shot at simulating raid makers with dice, too.

But one thing profoundly disturbed me. The thing is, I keep looking at my miniature in the game (see if you can figure out which one is me in the pic) and thinking that, as I level up, the figure isn’t going to change. Any new gear I acquire* isn’t going to be reflected on my 3D, physical toon. And after three years or so of gear obsession in WoW, that’s a very strange feeling.

By the way, has anyone bought any of the D&D Minatures Game sets? If so, are they any good?

*Enchanted mail dropped last night. Typical. Shammy loot.

  1. OMG It’s so dull. There’s nothing to do until Wrath comes out and my guild is breaking up and I’m never going to clear Sunwell and….
  2. OMG It’s so exciting. Ooooh, my Marmot talent tree is being buffed and I’m getting call of the yeti spell and a Cheese exotic pet and all sorts of other things from the beta that will be nerfed out of existence by the time the game goes live.
  3. OMG We got boss LewtDropper down, so we’re now x/y in InstanceSoonToBeForgot. Oooooh, I hope that the guild holds together enough to get us to y/y
  4. Beer*.

Your choice.

*Or a nice white wine for the ladies.

..the same group unilaterally declared that they were running
Kara every week with the same seven people, and we were invited to
apply for the additional slots. Now, this is common practice in many
guilds – but it is exactly the opposite of what the Ravens were created
to do. And, to add insult to injury, the Ravens are small enough as a
guild that this meant the effective end of Kara for most of us, unless
we went begging for the extra raid slots.

Normally, I’d have stayed and fought my corner. But, following my bereavement just over a month ago, I’m somewhat more emotionally
volatile than normal, and I decided that it was best for all if I took
a month’s holiday somewhere.

One /gquit and £15 later, and Leafshine is now on Bloodhoof EU. Why there? Well, it could be that there are some very nice people over there. And, indeed, they have made me feel very welcome.

So, new home, new guild, new people. It’s a brand new Leafy day!

Oh, and after running dozens of battlegrounds on my old server, winning 10, and not getting the Spirit of Competition pet, I ran one Alterac Valley on Bloodhoof – and got my Medallion. Good omens FTW.

The net result is a game that feels surprisingly familiar to an
audience that’s main experience of the idea of an RPG comes through
computer games. The combat-orientation gives you a good feeling of
running through the early quests, and you have enough time to get to
grips with your abilities – which takes a while, even for an
experienced gamer – before you "ding" and gain more, just to complicate

But here’s a thought: where’s the roleplaying in all this? The
being-in-character, doing half-elfy stuff part of the game? Well, for
us, one silly scene in a bar, so far. Now, I’ve only read the Player’s Handbook so far, but it only really gives cursory attention to the
idea, but the initial adventures (we’re working through Keep on the Shadowfell right now) seem to sow little seeds of potential
roleplaying interaction amongst the combat, without thrusting it down
your throats. So, you could probably skip it if you wanted, or use it as a steady learning experience for those coming from keyboard gaming.

Expect further reports from the Tabletop as the game develops…


I thought I knew how this post was going to turn out. I thought it would be all "W00t! I got the two badges I need and swapped my ancient Lifewarden’s Breastplate for a shiny new Shroud of Nature’s Harmony."

And that did, indeed, happen.

But after a tough time with Aran (3 wipes before he want down, one of which was 100% my fault), I thought our run was all but over. We did Chess but at the last minute, decided to go have a quick peek at Prince. And one-shotted him, to everyone’s surprise. And guess what he dropped?

And guess who won the roll?

Clue: that’s a Crown of Malorne adorning the Leafy brow above. 🙂


So, I has an authenticator, I has. So I am safe from the fiendish Chinese and their gold-hacking ways. Or something.

But there is a downside to this, as I’ve discovered. I keep my authenticator on my key-ring, because I travel a lot for both work and pleasure, and if I didn’t have it on the key ring, I’d lose all my away-from-home playtime.

However, when I’m at home, I keep my keys in a pot in the hall, nowhere near the study where my computer is. So, when I pop onto my iMac for 10 minutes’ WoW before I head to work, my authenticator is nowhere to hand. So I don’t bother. The same often happens in the evening when I get in from work, but before I start work on dinner.

Is the security worth the couple of hours’ play time I’m losing a week?