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No_wrathLadies, Gentleman and Hunters.

Thank you for coming. I have an announcement to make. From now, until the launch of Wrath of the Lich King, this blog will be a Wrath-free zone.

I’m not a big fan of spoilers. I like to be surprised by new areas as I enter them. I like quests to be a genuine surprise. If possible, I do instances spoiler-free, so as to capture the excitement of the unknown. As far as possible, I want to come to Northrend with fresh eyes, the second the EU realms come up on launch day. And so, I won’t be joining the Beta, I won’t be reading spoilered blog posts and I most certainly won’t be posting any beta-specific information here. For the time being, this is a Burning Crusade blog and proud!

Let’s face it. You’re not short of spoilerific blogs to choose from if you want a good regular dose of expansion spoilers to keep coming your way. Here, I’ll be concentrating on making the most of the game in the months before the expansion launch, and we all dive into another 10 level grind…

  • I am with you… enough with the WotLK already – lets enjoy it when it arrives.

  • Love the notion. I’ll steal the idea to create a spoilers badge for my site 🙂

  • Feel free. I’m not like BRK. I don’t sue. 🙂