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Two years ago, I never thought I’d see Tier Gear. Even Tier One was
from Molten Core, an instance people from small, friendly guilds like
the Ravens could only hope to see if they put in the time and effort to
go raiding in a 40 man raid alliance. I’ve never had that time, and am not
likely to ever do so.

With the Burning Crusade and Karazan, the very fringes of Tier Gear
became available to us.  And, in Wrath, all the raids will have 10 man
versions. For the first time, all of the content becomes available to
more casual players, like myself. And that’s a huge change. For the first time, the whole of the new expansion is available to me in a form that makes sense. Sure, I might never kill Arthas in a 25 man group, but I should be able to face off against him in a 10 man.) People with less time to  commit to the game, or a smaller guild, are no longer second class citizens. They’re no longer barred from finishing quest chains by the need to get 25 people together regularly. And that’s huge. That’ll keep more people in the game longer. It gives us, as a guild, a real incentive to get our mains levelled once the new game hits.

I’m more excited about Wrath than I was BC, simple because I’ll get to experience more of it. And that’s got to be a good thing.

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(I also bagged the Forestlord Striders from Chess. And they match my new gloves. Glee!)

(And while I remember, I also grabbed the Edgewalker Longboots, which will boost my kitty-cat gear. Hurrah!)

  • It’s great to see someone who has been a tireless supporter of our raids get a good bit of kit.

    If you can get the hat and shoulders then that would be super dandy!

  • Well, I’ve got the badge shoulders now, which are better than anything I’ll get in Kara…