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After the patch went live this morning, I logged into Amontal, a previously unmentioned member of Team Leafy (and the longest-standing one, to boot). There, in his mailbox was a letter alongside his stipend from Leafy:


Isn’t that cool? A letter informing the character of not only the availablity of riding skill at 30, but also where to go to get it.

My question: is this new in 2.4.3, or was it introduced earlier, after Leafshine got her mount, but before today?

  • Was the member 30 exactly? I logged on last night on my 34 nelf druid and go no such message… that makes me sad…

  • No, Amontal is 31 right now.

  • I got one for my level 30 hordie. I have never had one previously on any of my other (many) alts, so I presume that its new for 2.4.3

  • It’s new to 2.4.3. I think Blizzard wanted to make sure that as many people were aware of the mount changes, though you’d probably have to be living under a rock in-game to be a player and not know of the changes. I know that for almost a full month before the patch was released, everyone was asking after a Tuesday maintenance if they could buy their mounts.