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In honour of the orc-in-a-dwarf’s body’s special 100,000 vistors celebration day, I present Leafshine, getting down with her inner Ratshag, out on Netherwing Ledge.

Congrats to the Rodent Molester on his large number of strangely obsessed visitors. Personally, I think they’re all Galertruby fans…

Now, back to grinding about a million Netherwing Shards. And don’t even talk to me about killing the couriers…

  • Willowbear

    Suffering from neck strain as you try to lure those couriers down from the sky to that floating rock? Maybe I can help. There is a better spot to farm them. They take off and land from a wooden platform on Netherwing Ledge that is guarded by two giant dragonkin guards. You can stand at the very end of the platform or down below on the ground and take them down. If you are careful you won’t agro the guards and it is much easier to get the relics that way.

  • But, really, who isn’t a Galertruby fan?

  • @Willowbear

    Oh, thank you. I’ll try that out!