Making the World of Warcraft more trivial, one post at a time…

No WoWery tonight. Doing this roleplaying business the old fashioned way… 🙂

  • Razelore

    I envy you and I not sure how I should feel about that:)

  • Yay for D&D!!

    What type of campaign are you running? (Ex: Eberon, Forgotten Realms, etc etc etc)

  • ^_^ How do you like 4e so far?

    I’m running a few intro campaigns myself to get to learn the system. Seems the best thing about the new system is the simplicity, which also seems like the worst thing.

  • Oh the memories! =)
    Have fun!

  • Gratz! DnD ftw.

    I bought all of the 4e books but haven’t gotten a chance to play yet. =(