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Last night, while levelling Ularia from Team Leafy, I came across a chunk of WoW Lore made scenery, by running across Grom Hellscream‘s monument while hunting demons in Demon’s Fall Canyon.

Years ago I levelled Leafy through Ashenvale (I remember spending what seemed like months there), and never saw this once. Now that Forest Song is a genuine quest hub, rather than an annoyingly long run for a single quest hand-in, I’m discovering parts of Ashenvale I never really encountered as Leaf. Nice to know that there are still surprises in parts of Azeroth I thought I’d "done".

What else is there for me to find?

  • Issakhar

    I still remember when I was questing with my brother there a year ago, after a few minutes in that zone we logged off and installed Warcraft 3 again.
    A little bit north from there, taking the road out you can find the blades (arms) of Mannoroth, the pit lord that killed Gromm and died at the hands of Thrall.

  • Bruce Baugh

    Hmm, let’s see.

    Do you know about the two night elves in Feralas, just west of the Grimtotem village? They give you a short quest chain involving the sprite darters there, which apparently ends up in Darnassus. If you return to them after speaking with Tyrande, there’s a goodie in it for you.

  • The only reason I found that monument was when I was leveling my herbalism and was searching that area for gromsblood. It was good as at the time I had Gorehowl as my weapon (thats Grom’s axe!)

  • I love the new quest zone at Forest Song. The other place I’ve discovered is Dustwallow Marsh – they finally finished out the Shady Rest Inn questline, and added in a bunch of other cool quests there.

  • Bruce Baugh

    Yeah, Dustwallow is great. Lots of new things to do around Theramore, for Alliance, too.

  • There’s a fairly cool monument on top of the hill to the west of the Crossroads. Not so much lore as a mark of remembrance for someone who had a hand in developing the game.

  • That area is a good place for Herbalists to pick Gromsblood, which coincidentally is named after Grom Hellscream. 🙂