Making the World of Warcraft more trivial, one post at a time…

  • Clique. I was suspicious until I tried it–oh how wonderful it is.

  • Check with your guild first to see if there are any required add-ons. Other than that, here are a few off the top of my head:

    1) Omen
    2) Innervator
    3) Outfitter (or alternative)
    4) BigWigs (or alternative)
    5) Raiding frames (X-Perl, Grid, PerfectRaid, etc.)
    6) ACP
    8) Cowtip / Parrot / Aloft / AtlasLoot (all nice utilities)
    9) DrDamage
    10) MobHealth
    11) Quartz
    12) RaidInviteHelper
    13) Recount (or alternative)
    14) WIM
    15) InstantHealth
    16) GroupCalender, QuickDKP (see what your guild uses)

    I have more, just can’t think of any at the moment.

  • Grid+clique (with movie)
    At a glance(more about Grid)

    Omen – Not as important to the healer.. but nice to be able to call out “Hey Mr. Mage, you’re in #2 position.. back off” before Mr. Mage gets mushed.

    DBM/Big Wigs – Becomes very very nice to have in upper in content. Tells you when you’re too close to someone.. warns when the boss is doing bad things.

    A UI is something that grows. If you catch yourself thinking “gosh, I wish I could see XXX” there’s maybe a mod that would help you.

  • Barona

    Deadly Boss Mods/Bigwigs(have not personally used) is essential for eagle. It tells you if you are far apart enough from everyone, and the countdown lets you know when to collapse before the storm.

    All the other addons are nice (Clique rules, personally), but not essential to getting you over the hump

  • Brierley

    I am no pro at resto raiding, in fact I just started to venture outside of Kara myself. Right now I adore my macros

    /cast [target=mouseover] Lifebloom

    though I am slowly starting to use a grid/clique combo to do the same thing. For me, someone with a pretty basic out of the box ui as well, grid is taking some getting used to. I have been running some 5 mans to practice with it before heading into a 25 this weekend. I also like lifebloom which is listed under ACE add ons like Omen and it keeps track of when to re-bloom someone which is really handy when I have 3 or more to roll blooms on.

  • PTD

    Grid + Clique, for starters. It’ll take a little time to get grid configured, but it is WELL worth it. Once you have Grid and Clique going, your healing capabilities will really soar. I’d also recommend, for a Resto Druid, something like HOTCandy, to monitor the durations on your HOTs. I’d start with those.

  • Ilkar

    I use perfectraid in combination with Clique to heal.
    To keep track of the health of the mob’s I have Perfecttarget.
    We replaced Omen by Diamond threatmeter

  • Siobhann

    You don’t mention your unit frames. The default frames are awful.

    I use Pitbull for 10-mans. It has a lifebloom bar, shows everything you could need, and has more detail and is easier to read than Grid. Use Clique for click casting. For 25-mans, I use Grid because it’s compact and easier on my computer.

    Other frames you can try are XPerl. There is a healing mod called HealBot that combines frames and click-casting but I’m not sure it has a lifebloom bar.

    If you choose Grid for 10-mans, get Lifebloomer for your tanks.

    BigWigs for a boss mod. If your computer is buff, try InstantHealth to update health bars faster.

  • Thomas Jespersen

    Saw this nice Grid guide recently:

    Grid is definately worth looking into

  • Andellis

    I’m going to have to second Grid + Clique

    Also: What’s giving you trouble on Eagle? The trash or the boss itself?

  • @Andellis

    Both, really. We can get through the gauntlet, but it takes us a few goes. And then we wipe on the boss (usually around the second storm phase) until the gauntlet resets.

  • Strobmoli

    Mage, 2nd on the threat list!

    Never, 109% ftw.

  • Andellis

    @leafy The gauntlet really is a pain in the.. roots? Lots of stuff happening and you need to keep an eye on everyone, I usually try and keep some hots on the AoE folks or whomever is designated eagle bait, just in case

    Dunno what strategy your guild is using on Eagle himself, but we always have everyone turn off the sound effects and music in WoW, and crank the ambient sound way up. What happens is right before he’s about to cast his storm you’ll hear this roll of thunder replace all the frogs and crickets and whatnot you’ll normally hear

    Then we call it out on vent for the folks who may have missed it, and then have everyone move in and stand right on top of the tank. Then just wait for it to run it’s course, spread back out, and repeat until bird boy decides to take a nap

    You’ll occasionally end up with a good chunk of the raid getting chain lightninged once, but you’ll usually have enough time while the storm runs it’s course to patch everyone up

    Unsolicited advice perhaps, but may as well try and look out for my leafy brothers and sisters 🙂

  • In addition to those great recs, try Cool Downs 2. It will give you a screen flash with “Nature’s Swiftness is Ready” and bar-like counters for cooldowns like Swiftmend (NS and SwMnd probably the two most important for ToL).