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I haven’t been playing much WoW lately, partly due to family issues, but partially due to boredom. And it seems I’m not alone. While flicking through my feeds this morning, I found both the Game Dame, the Rambling Bear and the Three Druid Noob describing how very bored they are with WoW right now.

My problem is this: I’ve pretty much nothing left to do but group quests, and there’s rarely enough guildies on at one time to get group quests done. Plenty of instance running left to do – but few enough people around to do it with. We ran Kara on Monday night with 7 people on Attumen and 9 for everything up to Opera. And I can’t even blame Age of Conan any more – most people gave up on it and came back to WoW. I can spend the odd hour putting half a level on an alt, but it lacks the enjoyment I get from Leaf – I really am a one toon player at heart.

So, have Blizz completely messed up this time? Wrath is still months away, yet more and more people are just running out of things to do in Burning Crusade. Will their player base drop catastrophically before they get Wrath out?

  • Well, I guess if you’re in a small guild like yours there’s going to be less to do huh?

    I’ve still got a ton of stuff to do, but then I maybe don’t get online as much as you… lol this is a ramble huh?
    /shuts up 😛

  • I have found myself doing the same things you describe lately. Running th odd pug when it happens, poking around at various alts. Mostly waiting for WotLK to come out.
    I think I spend more time writing about wow that playing lately.

  • I have found that since I deleted my raiding toons (in a fit of rage. Long story.) and begand leveling a new one in a different faction, I’ve enjoyed the game a lot more. Less pressure to succumb to the raid schedule, for which I never had enough time, and more enjoyment out of the leveling experience. Add some Role Playing into the mix and the game has become very enjoyable to me once more.

  • PTD


    They’ll survive. I don’t think they’ll take a long-term hit, as this is very similar to what happened BBC (Before Burning Crusade.) Tons of people got burned out, and things dried up for about 3 months or so, but then once BC was around the corner, they really starting migrating back in. I think we’ll see a similar situation as Wrath approaches.


  • I had only just started playing the game about a month before TBC so I’m not sure what it was like for folks waiting for the first expansion. I think for me, though, it’s a deeper boredom than just waiting for new content. I think I will feel much the same way after Wrath — if I last that long (it’s still a long ways away).I don’t care to grind for rep or play PvP which are the main ways to get the “cool” things in the game. I don’t like pugging. Doing the same instances over and over is getting dull. I just think I need to get out of this chair.

  • I have to agree, roleplaying is a huge boost to keep people involved in the game. At least it is for me. I know that when raiding becomes a bore and dailies just overwhelmingly tedious, I’ll always have the chance of random encounter in any part of the world to keep me occupied.

    Reminds me of the malaise before The Burning Crusade, except I remember running into that in December, which meant that there was only two to three months of that feeling. I think Wrath of the Lich King will come out later in the year — if not next year — which means that there’s quite a bit of time there. I don’t think Season 4 will keep the larger player base happy.

    I wonder if they’ll release new content (events, dungeons, raids, instances) to keep people happy in-game.

  • Personally, I can’t see the game taking too much of a hit in terms of subscribers. But, speaking personally, I can’t see me playing much until there’s some new content. I think that Blizzard’s mistake was to announce that there’s nothing coming between now and WotLK. Now that we, as a guild, have seen most of the content, there’s little to motivate. Usually grinding for gear gives us something to do, but when we all know that the gear will be replaced on the day of expansion release, it becomes less motivating.

    If there was a new challenge or two waiting in the wings, then we might have a reason to keep pushing for progression gear to see that new content, but knowing that effort spent now achieves nothing is demotivating. Blizzard hasn’t released any info about the new talents, and so there’s not even any reason to push for respec gear ready for a new talent build.

    It’s a vicious circle, of course. Specifically with the Ravens, we’ve seen all the 5 man content (or those that have traditionally organised stuff have), and we’re struggling to get 10 people interested in runs. The lack of interest causes raids to be cancelled, and that further demotivates people. Certainly, a part of my burnout is to do with clearing space in real life to go on a raid, only to have one organised at the beginning of that week at short notice, causing drop outs on the later raid, and seeing it cancelled. More people fed up and bored, leads to less people available to break the cycle. A kara raid or two might help things (and certainly would tempt me online), but it seems that the guild is struggling to get them off the ground (and they are almost always arranged for an evening that some of us can’t do).

    I do wonder how long I can go on paying a monthly sub for a game that I’m not playing, so perhaps my initial thought was wrong, and Blizz will lose a few thousand people to it. Still can’t see it being a big number

  • on the same boat

    Yea, I’ve seen an influx of people taking a break till Wrath, with a few here and there quitting altogether. I noticed this trend was happening more as the days progress. Personally, I’ve suspended my subscription a week ago until Wrath. Don’t know if I’m going back cause I’m loving all this new free time, and don’t know how I had any time for WoW in the first place.