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Tonight, I should be in Paris. I had my ticket booked for the Worldwide Invitational, but due to a serious family illness, I haven’t been able to go.

So, may I instead direct you to The Witching Hour, the blog of my guild leader Andromache, who is over in Paris even as we speak. He’s posted some intial pictures of the outside of the convention centre, and will be posting as and when he can through the weekend.


Last night, while levelling Ularia from Team Leafy, I came across a chunk of WoW Lore made scenery, by running across Grom Hellscream‘s monument while hunting demons in Demon’s Fall Canyon.

Years ago I levelled Leafy through Ashenvale (I remember spending what seemed like months there), and never saw this once. Now that Forest Song is a genuine quest hub, rather than an annoyingly long run for a single quest hand-in, I’m discovering parts of Ashenvale I never really encountered as Leaf. Nice to know that there are still surprises in parts of Azeroth I thought I’d "done".

What else is there for me to find?

If any of you self-hosted WordPress bloggers out there are, like Anna(s), having problems with genuine comments being marked as spam by Aksimet, can I humbly suggest an alternative?

I’ve been using the recently-released Typepad Anti-Spam on this blog, some WordPress ones I run, and a Movable Type blog, and I’ve yet to receive a single false positive on any of them. It’s free to use, and you can download the WordPress plugin here.


I haven’t been playing much WoW lately, partly due to family issues, but partially due to boredom. And it seems I’m not alone. While flicking through my feeds this morning, I found both the Game Dame, the Rambling Bear and the Three Druid Noob describing how very bored they are with WoW right now.

My problem is this: I’ve pretty much nothing left to do but group quests, and there’s rarely enough guildies on at one time to get group quests done. Plenty of instance running left to do – but few enough people around to do it with. We ran Kara on Monday night with 7 people on Attumen and 9 for everything up to Opera. And I can’t even blame Age of Conan any more – most people gave up on it and came back to WoW. I can spend the odd hour putting half a level on an alt, but it lacks the enjoyment I get from Leaf – I really am a one toon player at heart.

So, have Blizz completely messed up this time? Wrath is still months away, yet more and more people are just running out of things to do in Burning Crusade. Will their player base drop catastrophically before they get Wrath out?