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Well, the obvious druid development is new forms. And given that there is loads of mount-related news in today’s revelations, I have two theories.

A New Travel Form

Northrend is, apparently, huge. And it appears that we’re being offered new, swifter land mounts to help compensate us for the fact we can’t use flying mounts in the early part of the 70 to 80 levelling. At an early level we could see a
Swift Travel Form, to match the swifter land mounts. But could it also be one  that allows us to carry passengers (which would be
awesome, frankly)? Passenger-carrying mounts keep cropping up in the news, and this seems like a great add to the Druid. Also, this new form might allow us to engage in "mounted"
combat. Which would be fab.

A New Flight Form

We’re seeing flight-based combat move from bombing runs to actual aerial combat in the expansion. And probably, just like in Burning Crusade, we’ll see that move from temporary mounts to ones we own at the level cap. So, perhaps at 80, maybe we’ll be on a quest for a new version of the flight
form that allows us to engage in combat in flight.

Swift Aquatic Form?

A bit of an outside this one, but given the size of Northrend, and the fact there’s a load of water in play, could the old Aquatic Form get a revamp, and maybe a new model, to give us an alternative rapid transit method around the map?

Whatever we get, I do hope they come with quests to get them. The Epic Flight Form quest was just so much fun, that it brought back happy low-level memories of getting Bear Form and Aquatic Form. C’mon, Blizz. Give us the quests to go with the forms…

  • All cool ideas, and I hope they all come true. I still lament over the fact that there’s a Great Cat Spirit in Moonglade and no corresponding Cat Form quest at 20. =/

  • I’s actually start a new Druid just to do the Cat quest if they ever introduced it…

  • Ooooh, yeah. I would -love- a new travel form… and a new Aquatic form would be really nice (they are rather ugly… -coughs-).