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It’s the weekend! (Well, it is for me. Your timezones may differ. No refunds given. Your statutory rights are not affected.)

My goal – at least my WoW goal – is to get Exalted with the Aldor. I’m pretty close now, so I just need a few Marks, or to get an outstanding quest done, and I’m there.

And what will that bring me? Well, there’s the Medallion of the Lightbringer, which will do me until I hit Exalted with the Shattered Sun. And, more importantly, there’s the ability to create Golden Spellthread, which will be a nice wee boost to my trousers…

So…anyone got anything more interesting planned?

  • Barona

    Hopefully get a ZA raid going tonight. If not, see if I can find the Sidhe Devils online and make good on the guild invite I was fortunate enough to get from them.

    Then Pally… pally… pally! And try to reign my Horde instincts in and not wait for guards to attack me when going to Alliance cities.

  • Hubby and I are going to roll on a Pee Vee Pee server. We’ve been on carebear servers almost exclusively since we started playing.. it will be an interesting experiment. Also, I’d like to get exalted with Scryer, lol.. I’ve got about 8-9% to go, which really shouldn’t take long. We’ll see, since I only get one day for a “weekend”, and half of that I have to spend helping my dad distribute his bark chips in his yard. Sigh.

  • It’s all about SSO. I am planning on getting to revered by Sunday night. I too am closing in on exalted with Aldor and have a few quests to do for them.

    Best of luck hitting exalted!