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I can level my fishing through the dailies, and it doesn’t feel like
a grind. The Shattered Sun dailies also helped get Aldor or Scryer rep,
through quest rewards, mob drops and the packs you get at each level.
The instance daily quests encourage you to top out your instance-based

At this point, it feels like "finishing" the Burning Crusade is within my grasp – and that’s cool to me. And
I think Blizz’ moves to smooth the path to finishing is a good thing.
But I’m a casual player. What’s the betting the hardcore disgaree with

  • I landed that after just a few daily fishing quests on my main. I already had it on an alt. By looting it so early I kinda thought it was a somewhat common drop for those who didn’t have it yet. Good to know its still somewhat of a rare find. Actually..that kinda makes my other alts sad to know that :p

  • I’ve yet to be able to do any of the fishing dailies other than the Crocs in the City one… really *must* level my fishing!!

    I agree it’s much easier these days to level a skill or grind rep than it was ‘back in the day’. I’m still behind though! lol 🙂

  • Grats on the book! O’ course, back in mah day, we hads to fish that book there up out of the dang ocean, fighting tooth and nail ‘gainst the fishies.


    Y’see, ‘dem fishies knewed that with’n that book, I could plum sense them there presence from a mile orf.


    Had ta resort me to dynamite an’ a shotgun in the end.

    Yeah, OK, I’m lying. I ended up fishing it up randomly about two days after finding out it existed and looking for the pools with the highest chance to drop it. Also, my grizzled old yokel accent needs work. Hmm.

    Incidentally, one of my favourite things from patch 2.4 were the fishing dailies. Something short and simple that let me grind up the last few points of fishing without much trouble–those last couple of points are murder, I tells ya!

    Well, except for Crocs in the City. That one just annoys me for being so far out of the way. And my kitty won’t eat the low level fishies, and the vendors pay junk for them.

    *mumbles under his breath* I did get my Muckbreath the first time I did the quest on live; just don’t tell Phaelia that!

    @Softi: fishing is one of the hardest professions to level, certainly the hardest secondary profession to level. The problem is that unlike other professions where you have recipies or resource nodes with different “difficulties,” with fishing, it’s all the same. So getting points in the single digits requires a single successful catch.

    By the time you get to 300, it takes over 10 successful catches to get a single point. Getting from 300-375 takes over 800 catches.

    With Enchanting or Jewelcrafting, getting mats and recipies is a pain. But with fishing, you have to sit perfectly still for hours on end, slowly clicking over, and over, and over, and over again until you go mad.

    This is, I suspect, why Old Man Barlo is standing knee-high in water 24 hours a day, holding his little fishing pole *with no line on it.* He’s just standing there staring into space; he’s not even fishing. He’s clearly gone insane from trying to get to 375!

  • Mmm I think Softi just summed up the state fishing left me in. I used to fish religiously… but now I get itchy after about 5 minutes and have to move onto to something more interesting… like barrens chat.