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  • Hey that’s only 3 runs tdm heroic… I’m not sure how much rep you can get if you do all the dailys… :/ Good luck!

  • Gratz! Now go and get those last 6k to get the nice amulet 🙂 Did you buy or farm the Aldor stuff?

  • Gratz! 🙂

  • Ah, that’s a good idea! I’m not far from exalted with them either, I don’t think.. AND I get moneys at the same time, can’t go wrong there!

  • PoKuTe

    Congratulations! I’ve just dropped my exalted rep with scryers and started to grind to get exalted with the aldor >_< It seems it'll never end!!

  • Whoa – doing the Scryer / Aldor switch…

    If it’s taken me this long to get Exalted with the Aldorks, I can’t see me ever finding the time to switch…

  • @Yashima I did it pretty much without buying or farming. I just used the quests, stuff that dropped as a result of dailies, and the bonus stuff you get from the SSO dailies, along with a rep items switch scheme with my guildmates.