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As the good Lady Leafshine begins to run out of campaigns to wage against the Burning Crusade, it’s time for us to turn our attentions to Team Leafy, those younger members of the Alliance that I sponsor. Over the next week or so, I’ll introduce you to the main players in Team Leafy, and then let you vote on who takes the run to 70 first…

Ularia is a decicated follower of the Light, who stands firm in the defence of her allies. Or, in other words, she’s a space goat tankadin that loves nothing more than running into a group of mobs, dropping a consecrate and going to work on them. Now in her 27th season, young Ularia is busy hanging out with her fellow space goats in the goatish enclave of Forest Song, taking the fight (and by fight she means rolling pin) to the heads of demons, orcs and satyrs, to aid Leafy’s people, and her own.

Inevitably, Ularia was born out of a shortage of tanks in my guild. Of course, we’re also short of healers, but the lack of people to stand up front and get hit lots is more acute. So Ularia has her eye on a slot amongst the ghetto crowd control tanks of the guild like Monarch and Glaive. None of that "standing at the back, casting one spell again and again" for her…


Oh, it’s an odd time in the LeafyLand. My push towards character completion continues, with me ding 375 fishing while doing the fishing daily quest today. I’m delighted with this – I never maxed out my fishing in the original game, before the release of Burning Crusade, so I was determined to hit the top before Wrath of the Lich King. And I did! As of today, all my professions are maxed out. Go me!

The problem is that it’s not only me that’s going. A good chunk of my guild are getting ready to play Age of Conan when it releases at the weekend. They have more playtime than me and some of them have two 70s that are pretty much finished. And some of them have a lot more…

They’re not quitting, mind, just playing an alternative game as they’re finding fewer and fewer things to do in WoW. And I think that’s a problem for Blizzard. Wrath may be up to six months away and 2.4 was, allegedly, the last content patch of the Burning Crusade. If we go six months with nothing new to do, the WoW population may be a whole lot smaller by the time the next expansion hits.

I can level my fishing through the dailies, and it doesn’t feel like
a grind. The Shattered Sun dailies also helped get Aldor or Scryer rep,
through quest rewards, mob drops and the packs you get at each level.
The instance daily quests encourage you to top out your instance-based

At this point, it feels like "finishing" the Burning Crusade is within my grasp – and that’s cool to me. And
I think Blizz’ moves to smooth the path to finishing is a good thing.
But I’m a casual player. What’s the betting the hardcore disgaree with

Thanks to my long-serving iMac G4 finally giving up the ghost a few weeks ago, my WoW experience has been enhanced of late by the power of an Intel-based iMac. The big white beast has enough poke lurking behind the 24" screen than I can run WoW on close to the highest settings and still get excellent framerates.

And the result is often a remarkably different game. Doing the Mana Cell dailies used to send me into a darker version of the Death effect. With a decent graphics card, I can finally see it as Blizz intended:

Phased from Leafshine on Vimeo.

The whole "shifting screen" effect really created a feeling of slight unreality, like you really were phased into another plane of existence. And I’d never seen it before.

It was a clever move to keep the requirements for the game low, but I hadn’t appreciated just how much I’d been missing out on…

DissingNobody warned me. But I expect nobody knew.

But it happened none the less.

At first it was dribs and drabs, and only done for my own benefit. People would sent me spare greens to disenchant for my own stocks. And that was lovely of them.

But something changed at 70.

People started sending greens for disenchanting, and asking for the mats to be returned. Some days, I’d login and spend 10 minutes just dissing things and returning them, especially if I was short on bag space and had to do lots of swapping.

And then the Shattered Sun Offensive arrived. And people started getting green after green after green from the Shattered Sun Supplies. I don’t mind, really I don’t.

But maybe it’s time for a small disenchant fee?


It’s the weekend! (Well, it is for me. Your timezones may differ. No refunds given. Your statutory rights are not affected.)

My goal – at least my WoW goal – is to get Exalted with the Aldor. I’m pretty close now, so I just need a few Marks, or to get an outstanding quest done, and I’m there.

And what will that bring me? Well, there’s the Medallion of the Lightbringer, which will do me until I hit Exalted with the Shattered Sun. And, more importantly, there’s the ability to create Golden Spellthread, which will be a nice wee boost to my trousers…

So…anyone got anything more interesting planned?