Making the World of Warcraft more trivial, one post at a time…

The Many Annas recently posted an interesting gamer personality test, which rather reminds me of the Myers-Briggs thing they made me do at work when I reached the ranks of management…

I had a go at the test, and, as it turns out I’m a:


players are usually very interested in the the ‘total experience’ of a
virtual world–meeting other people and finding the unique places
within it. They don’t care much for PVP or levelling, but meeting up
with online friends to see new parts of the world is usually fun and

Breakdown: Achiever 33.33%, Explorer 60.00%, Killer 26.67%, Socializer 80.00%

And, to be honest, I’d say that was pretty accurate. Perhaps a Horde-side alt, to see new quests and areas, would be the way to go…

  • Bruce Baugh

    In all seriousness, a blood elf of some kind would be a great change of pace for you. The starting zones are as well done as the draenei ones, or even better, and it’s an interesting set of challenges.

  • Greetings from long-time reader, first time commenter, and fellow SEAKer! 🙂

  • Hello! Us SEAKers of the world must stick together. 🙂

  • Russ


  • I am an SEAK also.. that was a fun quiz! 🙂