Making the World of Warcraft more trivial, one post at a time…

So, we established yesterday that I’m bored of daily quests.

Now, let’s imagine that I’m not. And let’s look at some of them. And let’s see just how lame they are.

Take, for example, the demon-killing one:


This was bad enough in Phase II, but in Phase III you can get dozens of people competing for, what, 10 demons? I am so bored of Mages running through, and AOEing until they tag a new spawn. Without Moonfire, I’d be completely screwed on this one.

And then, there’s the boats:


There’s about six Belfs on each boat. And three boats. 18 mobs for a daily quest that half the server is trying to do.

Did Blizz actually think about this? Sometimes the demon-killing in Blade’s Edge Mountains was bad enough, but don’t worry. They solved the problem by making the new quests more attractive and reducing the number of mobs. I believe the correct response is "WTF?????".

Roll on Wrath and some decent questage again.

  • Responding to your last two posts, Leafy: I agree, I wish there were a “real” quest line in 2.4 (and no, I don’t mean the quests in MrT). On the other hand, the dailies do provide pretty decent coin–something I rather need after just buying my 4th epic flying mount (yes, I believe at 70, an epic flyer is more than a luxury).

    I usually run the Sunwell dailies with one or two other people; on Quel’Danas, we can easily complete all of our server’s opened quests in an hour or less. The ones in Outland usually take about as long; since one or more of us is gathering herbs, ore, or skinning, they go slower than they might need to.

    However, we’ve never spent more than about 3 minutes getting the demons–and our mage is a frosty, who doesn’t go AOEing all over the place: We don’t think that’s too cool, either. But the spawn rate seems to be fast enough to keep the quest short.

    To me, the biggest pain is the long flight to and from the Dead Scar for the bombing run. That, and the sometimes crappy drop rate for naga keys.

    I suspect, though, the large number of dailies, with more to come as each server progresses (a great idea poorly implemented through dailies, IMO), was seen as a suitable substitute for a real quest line. And while I don’t mind the almost-free cash (the Badges are a laugh if you don’t do a bunch of heroics or 10-mans), I’d still prefer some true quests.

  • Early morning or late evening are the best times to do your dailies. But yes, it does get very crowded, very fast.